Testing - All standard ANSI tests are made on every Uptegraff transformer, using the appropriate standard procedures. In addition, and probably more pertinent to qualifying the transformer for service, are such production tests as dielectric(s), power factor, sound level and insulation resistance tests.

Inspection - Completed transformers, subassemblies and accessories are inspected by a Quality Control Department responsible only to top management. An inspection report is made for every transformer.

Warranty - Express warranty is typical and applies to workmanship, design and materials for a period of 18 months after receipt of the transformer or one year following energization, whichever occurs first. Other warranty provisions may be made upon request. Uptegraff is concerned that a customer receive good service and reasonable consideration no matter how long he has had the equipment in service.

Delivery - Shipments are usually made within 12-14 weeks of order or of approval of drawings and specifications. Check with factory for current lead times. We ship generally by motor-freight and complete carrier and routing information is provided. International Shipments are handled as requested.

Repair/Refurbish/Modify - Repairing other makes of transformers provides Uptegraff customers with a totally reliable and less expensive means of replacing failed units. The usual procedure involves, first, a "post-mortem" examination for the cause of failure. The original design is often modified to correct for weaknesses. Repaired transformers are subject to the same inspection and testing requirements applied to new transformers; and repaired equipment is provided with the same warranty as new units. Usually, the efficiency of the repaired transformer is better than that of the original.

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