R.E. Uptegraff Manufacturing

Innovation · Quality · Reliability · Since 1925

Engineering & Design

Innovation · Quality · Reliability · Since 1925


Engineering & Design Excellence

Since 1925, R.E. Uptegraff Manufacturing Company has been engaged exclusively in the design and manufacture of high-quality transformers and reactors servicing both domestic and international markets.

Located in Scottdale, PA approximately 40 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, the 70,000 square foot plant manufactures single and three-phase small power and primary substation transformers, ranging in size from 10 thru 15,000 KVA.

Service to an Uptegraff customer starts with expeditious rendering of quotations, which are furnished with complete engineering data, including proposal sketches if requested. An important phase of Uptegraff customer service arise from the fact that Uptegraff engineering and manufacturing processes readily permit customer preferences to be incorporated in a unit’s final design. This usually applies to terminal arrangements, accessories, and non-typical service and/or operational conditions which need to be taken into consideration. In many cases, variations to the original inquiry specifications are suggested if they appear to be advantageous to quality, service, or customer cost.

Complete files of all designs: any unit made in the past 50 years can be researched and updated to today’s requirements

Complete records and familiarity with specifications for dozens of utility and industrial customers and individual needs

Design to fit any space or rating requirement while accounting for any special electrical, environmental, or physical conditions